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Conference Grants

Analysis Grant Rules

The Analysis Committee oversees a charitable Trust (UK registered charity no. 325126), which has limited funds available to support philosophy conferences held in the United Kingdom.

In recent years, the Committee has been especially concerned to help postgraduate students and under-employed recent postgraduates by subsidizing their attendance at selected conferences.

In order to gain support, a conference should be analytic in spirit, i.e. the papers to be given should be similar in style to papers published in Analysis. In cases where there might be doubt as to whether this criterion is satisfied, applicants are encouraged to make their case. The conference must be so organized that attendance at the conference is not by invitation only, or restricted to members of particular institutions, and the conference should be advertised widely, at least to UK philosophy departments. In addition, we expect conference organisers to consider issues of diversity (e.g. gender, ethnic, etc) when putting together lists of speakers, and encourage them to be guided by the BPA/SWIP Good Practice for Conferences and Seminar Series. Organisers are welcome, though not required, to describe the efforts they have made regarding this.

The current policy is to make grants only to support the attendance of postgraduate students or underemployed recent postgraduates at conferences in the form of bursaries of up to 50% of the cost of conference fees and accommodation for such participants (where the latter might be organised in house or by attendees themselves). The Trust does not subsidize the cost of travel to and from the conference. Those presently at the institution hosting the conference are not to be supported by the Trust. Applications should be for a specified number of such bursaries, supported by costings or estimations for fees and accommodation.

Grant applications will be assessed 3 times a year by a subcommittee, with deadlines of 15 October, 15 January and 15 April. The total budget for grants at each deadline is £4000, and the subcommittee typically awards no more than £500 to any one conference. The Committee does not give retrospective grants.

The Trust notes that some conferences are currently charging very high registration fees and accommodating all participants in expensive university conference suites. It prefers applications that have sought to minimize costs of attendance for the underfunded---e.g. by providing cheaper accommodation options.

The Trust is seeking to subsidise attendance rather than help organizers to pay the costs of speakers, so it prefers applications that do not ask for funding just for speakers.

Applications for grants should be made through the online application form to the Secretary of the Analysis Committee, Dr Ben Colburn.

Conditions attached to the receipt of a grant:

1.The bursary should amount to no more than a 50% subsidy of each postgraduate/underfunded recent postgraduate, as compared to full cost of accommodation and conference fees;

2. The role of the Analysis Committee in supporting the conference should be acknowledged in the conference literature;

3. The conference should be open and widely advertised;

4. No later than three months after the conference, a conference report should be sent by email to the Secretary. This should include itemised accounts for the conference finances and an assessment of how well the conference met the aims and purpose(s) set out in the application for a grant, after which the relevant funds will be released. The Trust pays its grants by cheque, so reports should indicate a payee, a recipient, and any further references required by the applicant’s institution.

5. The Trust does not offer funding to support the general running expenses of conferences. Applications requesting such support will be rejected, and reports which indicate that Analysis funds have been allocated in this way will result in funds not being released.

The Analysis Trust will also consider applications for funds to contribute to accessibility costs for conference attendees. Applications should be made to the secretary, at the email address: analysistrust.secretary[AT]


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